Small (big) things to make the New Year a better one


Use the cold, dark season to go inward. Humans are seasonal creatures; we change with the seasons, the weather, and with our body rhythms dictated by darkness and light. In winter the days grow shorter, often colder (depending on where you live), and darker. We are often driven to be indoors, in our own surroundings, more limited to the outside elements and often, to outside human contact as well.


Let go of what no longer serves you.

This certainly applies to grudges, emotional baggage, and even beliefs that no longer have meaning for us. Wipe the slate as clean as you can for the new year. Don’t carry old stories from past experiences into the new life that is unfolding. Forgive people and let them forgive you for any negativity that has existed between you. Most of all, forgive yourself.


Don’t think resolution.

Re-solve or re-solution means to solve or find a solution once again. But making a resolution or resolving to accomplish something requires far more than just saying the words, or promising yourself to behave differently. It means making a commitment to understand what doesn’t work, what doesn’t feel right to you, and changing it for a better result. Easier said than done.




Choose one goal you want to accomplish this 2018.

Change is incredibly complex. You will need to commit all of your time, effort, and emotion to accomplishing this one endeavor. Whether it is health-related, changing your appearance or partner, changing what you do for a living, learning a new skill, moving to a new place or foreign land, it will need your constant patience, vigilance, and absolute commitment because that change will affect every other aspect of your life, and inevitably, your relationship with the significant people in your life. Commit to completing whatever you promise yourself and see it through to the end. Take the time to let it seep into your life and make adjustments when necessary.

Beyond the rituals of our culture a wonderful way to personally and intimately mark the end of a year, and all that it has brought, and the beginning of a new year, and all that it will bring, is by creating a ritual that unique symbolizes where you’ve been and where you’re going. It could be as simple as saying a few words, a prayer, a declaration, or as elaborate as combining numerous elements meant to engage all of your senses, mind, body, and spirit.