How much do you take care of your shoes?

Apart from being essential in your outfit, the shoes define much of your personality, style and presence. The care we give them not only says a lot of us in our personal appearance, but it will allow us to have several options every time we need to combine a dress, pants, in short even the shoes to be inside the house is a treasure for lovers of the shoes.

  • Break
  • Sports
  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Flats


Basic care for all footwear

Keeping your footwear in good condition is very important, not only for scenic presence but also to take care of the hygiene of your feet, and the good state of the shoes.



Depending on the type of material your shoes are, cleaning is important that you know how to clean your shoes otherwise it can be deformed or be in poor condition.

There are some products that are very good and specific to clean the type of material with which your footwear is made, from fats, wet handkerchiefs, spray or liquids.




Do not use them every day.

This rule is very simple, wearing shoes two days in a row makes it deform, wear out and become impregnated with smell, you can avoid this fact using different shoes per day, it is not necessary to have many, with a


Couple are enough.

If you notice discomfort, wear or that the soles are no longer as firm as before, go to change them, because your shoes also require those care, especially if you walk a lot when walking down the street.

Prevents it from becoming deformed. To prevent the footwear from becoming deformed, try not to get wet the footwear whatever it is, if for some reason they get wet put paper newspaper to absorb water, do not use the same pair daily and especially not you build them with each other.