What To Do If You Don’t Feel Loved Enough In Your Relationship

  1. Figure Out Your Own Love Language

Different people have different ways of demonstrating — and receiving love. Firstly, figure out what makes you feel loved, whether it’s affection or spending quality time with your partner, and what you feel you’re not providing to your partner, by discovering your Love Language. It’s good to have specific things you need in your relationship, because you don’t want to just vaguely criticize them if you’re feeling unloved — it might make them feel attacked.


  1. What is your partner’s Love Language?

Are there any ways they may be trying to show their love, but you aren’t acknowledging them? Some people find it really difficult to say “I love you.” If it comes easily to you, the fact that your partner only says it occasionally may not seem like a lot — but it could be to them. Try to see things from their perspective.


  1. Talk To Your Partner

Once you figure out how you and your partner both feel and express love, you’re ready to talk about it. Like I said, use specifics and also stay positive. Mention the things you like, rather than just the things that are missing, and talk about how things make you feel rather than accusing. And of course, always listen.




  1. Go Back To Square One

You got into a relationship for a reason — there was love there, or at least affection there once. Now, you might not always feel like you’re in your honeymoon period and that’s OK. Relationships settle into a different kind of love. But rekindling the beginning of a relationship feeling is a great way to inject some love and romance back into your relationships. Go to the places you were most romantic, share favorite memories of the early days of your relationship. You can get some of it back.


  1. Invest Time

But also know that it might not happen overnight. You really need to make each other a priority, if there’s any chance of getting those amorous feelings back. Depending on how long you’ve been in a relationship— and how long you’ve let your love lie dormant— you may have grown farther and farther apart. You’re going to have to work on it to get it back.