Ingredient Sauce Recipes to Spice Up Your Meals


Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce

Many store-bought tomato sauces sneak in added sugars, preservatives and more, but not this all-natural stovetop marinara. Seek out high-quality crushed tomatoes and plenty of fresh garlic for the best results. To crank the deliciousness up even more, toss in a handful of fresh basil or oregano.

Yogurt Sauce

A little sweet, a little tangy and satisfyingly creamy, this mustard and Greek yogurt blend would work well atop potato pancakes, spooned over eggs or slathered inside a sandwich. 


Make the most of your basil bounty by blending it up with just olive oil and sea salt. It’s a simpler substitution to the typical Parmesan and pine nuts combo. Even better: A 3/4-cup of basil leaves, the amount in this recipe, contains just three calories yet 18 percent of your daily dose of vitamin A.




Killer Vegan Burger Sauce

If you like the special sauce that comes on those double-decker burgers, you’ll love this mayo, mustard and sriracha creation. Opt for olive oil mayo for the most health bang for your calorie buck and this creamy, fairly clean spread can turn any sandwich from blah to best-ever in seconds

Asian-Style Peanut Sauce

The magical combination of spicy, sweet and salty flavors makes peanut sauce an irresistible addition to summer rolls, grilled chicken or a vegetable noodle dish. This stir-and-serve recipe features chunky peanut butter for extra crunch.