Which information do you need to update in your resume?

The curriculum is a reflection of your own work life. Therefore, this document is a dynamic expression of your own professional expansion. With what concrete actions can you update your training and have a better preparation for employment?

Companies are looking for people that generate a good work climate based on their own way of being and being in relation with others. A humble and empathetic candidate generates better bonds than someone individualistic and egocentric, for example. What is the important? Build a resume that adds a good selection of hard and soft skills.

Things you have to update:

  • Certificates of professionalism
  • Languages

The knowledge of a second language is one of the most valued communication qualities in the curriculum. But, in addition, you can also make a more specific course in relation to your professional sector.

  • Vocational training

This training is very important because it combines theory and practice through a training plan that prepares students for their integration into the labor market. In addition, in many cases, the student has the opportunity to do internships in a company. And, in this way, you can add your first work experience in the curriculum.

  • Soft skills

Are those skills that are not acquired through a specific degree, but are the manifestation of social and emotional skills of that employee. For a long time, the technical profile of a candidate left other skills in the background, for example, the willingness to work as a team. However, currently, soft skills can determine the choice of a candidate, or on the contrary, their discard.