Have you felt bad internally and do not know how to fix it?

All people have a spirit or soul. This defines the real essence of who we are, how we love and why we live. It contains our passions, energy and leads us to be better people on this planet.

Although we would like never to have difficulties, our spiritual side makes our lives flow despite the bad times. Many times it is difficult but it is necessary to look for techniques of spiritual relaxation, energy release and control of situations.

Here are some recommendations for you to initiate an immediate spiritual “cleansing”:

Reduce stress.

Reducing stress in this way can make you feel more connected to the earth, with the spirit, soul and thought fully focused, with better intuition and creative ability to achieve goals, desires and obtain results.

Say goodbye to those behaviors that no longer work.

It is very easy to feel unmotivated by self-destructive behaviors including negative thoughts, not having compassion and forgiveness with ourselves, placing this above reasonable expectations and more.

Take an honest look at your life and determine what are the behaviors that no longer work in any sense, then discover which behaviors help you grow and which are not bad, but that make this goal difficult.

Eliminate fears

Fear is something that prevents us from doing things in many ways: It limits us to connect totally with the people we love, it makes us doubt to follow our dreams or even affect us physically.

Let nature help you clean up.

The best way to take advantage of the benefits of the spiritual healing properties of the earth is to go barefoot on sand, dirt or grass as often as possible.

The planet’s energy has many benefits, including helping regulate hormones in the body and keeping you connected to Earth, which often helps you feel more calm and confident.

Simply make an effort to physically connect with the earth more frequently.

Deactivate the energy of your “space suit”.

Anyway, we need to clean this energy regularly (although it seems silly, it works, it relaxes and it releases the spirit and in all the occasions it is what they do if they go to a SPA):

  • Wash your hands under cool water later to release the “aura” of negative energy.
  • If you have a tub bath, soak and soak in a salt bath.
  • If you have a chance, use flower petals to create a spirit cleansing spray. Flowers and plants have a natural cleansing ability. Simply dip some petals that you like in a spray bottle with some essence water that you like. Use the spray on your body from head to feet as often as you can, once a day.

If you do not have the time to do this last tip at home, you can opt for a SPA or a relaxation center that does this for you.

Follow these tips as part of your daily or weekly routine and you will feel liberated and relieved in every way.