Accepting that our parents are not what you expect, is a step to paramount to healing

Parents are the most important figures for children since the beginning of life. Normally they are sources of resources, of care, of love, of attention, of security, they can be those that mark even negatively the life of their children, even when the intentions are different.

Beyond what we experienced during childhood, whether or not we were loved, we would have liked, whether or not we had our basic primary needs, there will be a trace of dissatisfaction and even injuries that we must have with our parents in order not to extend in time, the ailments of them in our lives.

It is very easy to judge others and especially the parents, that by having such a close connection, we can know quite well, or at least have enough material to critically evaluate their actions.

Beyond what we would like to receive as children, beyond what we think we can do as parents, beyond what we wanted for the life of those who gave us life, our parents must learn to release them from responsibility. We must heal the wounds, we must forgive them for what we believe they have done improperly and have brought negative consequences and we must also forgive ourselves if we consider that we could have done things in a better way.

A feeling of resentment towards a father will mark us forever, accepting and forgiving will allow us not only to heal the relationship with that parent, but will automatically help us to heal other types of relationships, in which we have probably repeated patterns and have attracted to our lives, with the unconscious purpose of healing the wound that was once generated.

Accepting and forgiving our parents, freeing them from responsibilities and allowing us to break generational patterns is the first step to healing and fostering other types of bonds in which we do not have to express the pain that we unconsciously drag.

There will always be criticism, there will always be a better way to have done things, it does not matter if the parents are present or not, to accept them as they were or are, without greater pretensions, but on the contrary, with the greatest gratitude for giving us the life, is the key to heal our heart and free us from an unnecessary burden that has the ability to overshadow any of our actions and relationships.