How to wax ceramic floors

Each material needs a different process to keep it in optimal conditions, so do not miss these recommendations and learn how to wax ceramic floors.

Ceramic is one of the most hygienic, resistant and easy to clean materials. To clean ceramic floors, you do not need to apply any additional product; You can only clean them with water and a rag or mop.

Of course, you can use vinegar and household cleaning products or those purchased in stores and have different fragrances and a percentage of alcohol, which makes ceramic floor dry faster, but not absolutely necessary.

Types of waxes for ceramic floors

Fortunately, things have changed and nowadays, waxing ceramic floors is much easier; There are different types of waxes that not only give luster to the floor, but will highlight something that I find very interesting, which is that cleaning takes much longer, stains do not stick and cleaning process is faster.

Waxes that need to be polished after being applied require more work, but the results are also better; just remember to spread a thin layer because otherwise the floor will stick. There are other waxes of the liquid type that do not need to be polished.

Steps to wax ceramic floors

  • First of all, make sure there are no spots or lumps, if there are any, clean them first and free up all the space.
  • If you can open the windows before you start, the better, so it will dry sooner.
  • After making sure that the floor is free of dust, clean and dry begins to apply the wax according to the instructions of the container, because depending on whether they are liquid or stick, it may be different.
  • Then you can polish it with a polisher or manually if you wish.
  • It is essential that at the end of the process, the floor is well dry.