How the illuminator helps to create contrast and to result the eyebrows

The illuminator can also be applied on the eyebrows to lift and highlight, but its objective is also to contrast with the chosen shadow game to give color to the hairs. Just apply the product below the line of the eyebrows so that they look slightly arched.

How to do it: After defining and filling the eyebrows, either with a pencil or with a shadow, apply the illuminator. If this product is creamy, apply it with your fingers. If it is powdered, use a small brush to apply the product.

In addition to hiding the dark circles, the concealer is a great ally when defining the contour of the eyebrows, since it illuminates and guarantees that the eyebrows obtain a greater definition.

How to apply: To obtain a natural effect, just apply a little of the product of the skin tone, with your fingers and give light blows around the eyebrows, without messing the hairs. Then, blur the product with the help of a brush. For those looking for a more defined look can apply the concealer with a bevelled brush, marking the contour of the eyebrows and then blurring.




Extra tip: In addition to illuminating and highlighting, the concealer also helps to hide those hairs that are growing. You just have to apply it on top of them and distribute it well.

In case  you use a pencil to fill in the eyebrows, as these products usually have the thickest tip, try using a pencil before to give definition to the eyebrows, as they have the thin and soft tip, help when defining the eyebrows, and This can be an advantage for those who have eyebrow defects or very short eyebrows, which end before reaching the outer corners of the eyes.

How to use it: Comb the hairs with a brush and begin to contour the eyebrows respecting their natural shape. If you want to lengthen them, make small strokes at the end. Then fill with the other pencil giving your eyebrows the shape you prefer, with shadows or a pencil with the thickest tip, and then blend with the same brush.

And the last  option can help you with very thin eyebrows can use eyebrow mascara to fill and pigment the hairs, in order to get the look out. The product has a liquid formula and a spiral brush, to make it easier to apply.

How to use it: Remove the excess product from the brush and apply the formula to the eyebrows little by little, instead of dividing from start to finish in one go. Start with the areas that need the bow to be cast, and then fill in the rest.