Games for family Christmas

Family activities are a perfect way to hang out, have fun and get to know each other better. Here are the best games for family Christmas, perfect for young and old children:


Who I am?

It is another of the classics that can not be missed when we talk about family games. The only thing that will be necessary is paper, pencil and some imagination. On paper you should write a character, either fiction or real, and what you should put on the front of the stereo sitting next to you. Doing everything you have to have a character in your head and, with questions of yes or no, you should try to guess the character that is. You will start to turn it into a player and I will be able to ask until the next answer, then it will be the turn of the next one.



However, Christmas carols are the best things Christmas has and the theme. So, why not do a karaoke in the Christmas version? In groups, in duets or alone, the options are many.

In addition, thanks to new technologies, there is no lack anywhere to be able to sing in a real karaoke. Video platforms like YouTube have many bases and songs with the power to delight your family with the best version of the marimorena.


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Socks course

This is a very fun competition in which all the members of the family can participate. To carry it out we will need 2 Christmas socks, candy and two spoons. They are divided into 2 groups and the objective will be for each group to fill their candy sock. But it is not just here, to do it, we should go 1 for 1 from the position to the calculation and for 10 seconds.


Surely all have played this game, yes, now adapt to the Christmas season to play as a family. We will need some products or Christmas items, at least they must be 10. The tanks in a tray and the plugs. After leaving out sight for 20 seconds and players who write and write on a paper the objects that have been memorized. The one that comes closest will be the winner.


Tie suit

This is another of the fast games to do in group at Christmas that can bring great moments. They should all separate in pairs and use old ties (if they have Christmas decorations better!) The game is that each member must tie his tie. The couple that gets it before will win, without cheating!