The best lingerie for your wedding

The most special day of your life has arrived, and everything must be perfect. Your lingerie too. When choosing the best lingerie for weddings, you have to differentiate between the lingerie you will wear during the event itself, that is, during the ceremony and the banquet, and the one you are going to wear on your wedding night. If you get married soon and you still have doubts about which lingerie for weddings to wear, do not miss this complete post in which we are going to get rid of doubts.

Let’s start talking about the lingerie to use in the event itself. In this case, the fundamental thing is that it is comfortable. It will be a very long day, with many emotions and great physical and emotional wear, and the last thing you need in a day like this is to be aware of whether your underwear is squeezing or squeezing you. Of course, when we say it has to be comfortable we do not mean that you have to wear the underwear you wear normally to go to the gym or your work. It’s a special day, and it must be a special outfit, which must be sexy, and make you feel sexy.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing lingerie for weddings is how is the bridal gown. Mainly the type of fabric, the color and the neckline. For example, if you are going to wear a dress with a strapless neckline, it is essential that you choose a firm bra that does not move. On the other hand, if you choose a chiffon or silk dress, the best lingerie is the plain one.

A very typical garment inside the lingerie for weddings is the garter belt. It has always been considered a very sexy garment for a special day, but it is also very comfortable. It assures you to fix the stocking on your leg and prevent it from getting off, which is very uncomfortable. If your dress does not allow the option of the garter belt, do not worry, you can always use stockings with silicone bands that will guarantee a perfect fit.

Another very special garment that has come to be used only on days like the wedding is the corset. There are people who hate this garment, but there are others who love it. What we can not deny is that it is one of the sexiest and most feminine garments that exist, so it is not superfluous to contemplate its use on the day of your wedding. That yes, remember that not all dresses are suitable for wearing corsets.

At the beginning of the post we commented that we must differentiate between lingerie for the event and for the wedding night. In this last case, you have more freedom to choose. Think it’s going to be something that only you and your new husband see. The sets are the perfect choice. Play with colors. Be bold and sexy. And if you have doubts, remember that colors like red or black are always a safe bet.