Changes starts today

Never say you will start from tomorrow. Daily say i have to do it today and now.

  1. if you have any friend who do exercise daily then join him (may be at home , park, gym).
  2. if you have friends like you who also want to start exercise but they are feeling same thing like you then create a group and then start exercise together with them.
  3. if still your are not willing to create any group and want to do exercise at home without any disturbance then you should start taking a small steps on regular basis. don’t make a big jump in starting like i will jog for 1 hour etc.
  4. get up just 15 to 20 minutes earlier than your regular waking time.
  5. Do exercise like rope skipping or any warm up exercise just 5 to 10 minutes. but do regularly then slowly you will develop a habit . and then slowly increase your exercising time.
  1. Do whatever you like . if you like dance then start zumba. if you like mind exercise then start doing meditation.
  2. Tell your family or friends to wake you up early in morning if possible. if you failed to get up early in morning then do it in evening.
  3. Follow principle “early to bed early to rise”.
  1. Control your eating habits.
  2. Dalily watch video on you tube regarding how to take action to start any improvement in your life and health
  3. 11. Always imagine which type of body or health you want in life.
  1. always remember health is the first most important thing in our life than money, home , car , work etc.
  2. if you do anything regularly for 21 days then it will become your habit . it is a scientifically proven thing.

Forget about your past , make a fresh start from today if you fail again then TRY , TRY and TRY AGAIN.