What things you can do to care yourself?

We can only change what we are aware of and accept to be true about ourselves, and staying in denial is a trap.



  1. Do more things for my heart and soul.


If I can’t find time for myself in my busy agenda, I make it. We all have twenty-four hours a day, and my wants and needs are important.


I take breaks between working hours; We are not a robot. Sometimes, we can go out for a nice walk in nature or watch a good movie or read a good book.  listen to relaxing recordings, with your eyes closed. I sometimes treat yourself to a massage. We can use the beautiful bed sheets and the nice towels instead of saving them for the guests, because I’m worth it.



  1. Take good care of my body.


Our body is the temple of our soul, and the only one we’ve got, so  make sure you give it nutritious foods and plenty of water. Schedule those much-needed doctor appointments and yearly health checks. Take a nap when you need rest; put your phone on silent and disconnect from the outer world for a while. Surprisingly, the world does not collapse.


  1. Set healthy boundaries with the outer world.


One of the most difficult things  to learn is how to say no to things we don’t really want to do, without feeling selfish, guilty, or overly worried that I might hurt or upset someone else.


Saying no doesn’t mean I dislike or reject the other person. I know I can’t disappoint anyone. People disappoint themselves with the expectations they set for whom they want me to be and what they expect me to do. It’s always about them, and it has zero to do with me. If they truly love me, they would understand.

Learn this: It’s not my job to please others, and I don’t feel like I owe anyone any explanations or apologies for the way I am spending my precious time, and with whom. We always choose how much we give.


Setting boundaries in a relationship might look selfish to the outer world. In reality, it is a form of self-respect, self-love, and self-care



  1. Stop fighting for perfection.


The need for perfection is energy consuming, and it can be exhausting for both body and soul. If this sounds familiar to you, please know that you will never get rid of perfectionism till you learn how to be okay with good enough.


  1. Let go of the “do it all” mentality.


In a society that values human worth through how well we do things in life (based on individual results, goals, and achievements), most of us have forgotten just to be. Everyone is in a hurry, doing something or running somewhere. Many of us have even started to feel guilty for doing nothing.


Doing nothing doesn’t necessary mean we are lazy. Doing nothing is an action!