What is emotion and how affect our life?

Emotion means affection, sensation, reflex, simple emotion, mood and temperament.

Each person interprets stimuli based on their internal cognitive networks – their thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and expectations about the world and its place in it.

Emotions can have profound effects on subjective experience.

Evolution selected for the emotions because they effectively mobilize the body to respond optimally to the environment, to maximize the chances of survival.

Emotions are meant to be tools that help you to adapt to your environment.

When this happens, the emotions no longer serve as precise signals about the internal and external environments. This is when emotions can work against you.


How can you work with your emotions?

  • Recognizing this is the first step to taking responsiveness to your emotional health.
  • You can work with your emotions:
  • Recognizing how smart the emotion is
  • Recognize how emotion can improve thinking and reason.
  • Express all of your emotions in a safe and appropriate way, in order to use them as mobilizers for the ability to respond.
  • Pay attention to what your emotions tell you about your life and your place in it, to create your life as a conscious construction.
  • Commit to the path of self-growth – which focuses on responsiveness and conscious constructions. This means that you have to armor for emotional resilience because much of the culture is still in the dark about how you can work constructively with all your emotions.


According to the feminine perspective, if you simply accept all of your emotions, they will impart you with valuable gifts of wisdom, healing, and self-empowerment.