Ways of making drinking water a more enjoyable experience

Water’s pretty good for you. It stokes your metabolism so you burn more calories all day. It helps you stay energized, keeps you regular, and can improve your skin. But here’s the thing: Water can also be…well, boring.

Here are some tips that could help you:

Buy a Fun Water Bottle: As weird as it might sound, water seems to taste better when it is held in a cute and beautiful container. It somehow makes the water taste a little sweeter! Make your water bottle a part of your outfit, like an accessory, and take it everywhere you go. With water by your side all the time, you will drink it without even realizing you are.

Use a Water Bottle with a Time Table: An alternative option is to purchase a water bottle with increments of the time of day. You can track your progress by seeing if you are “on schedule” with drinking water. It is an interesting and easy way to ensure you are drinking water regularly throughout the day, allowing your body to function at its best.

Use a Water Tracker App: If you tend to be glued to your phone, a perfect solution for you is to have a notification that pops up to remind you to take a minute and focus on improving your wellbeing by drinking water. Waterlogged and Daily Water are two popular apps that achieve this purpose. It will definitely keep you motivated when it shows at the end of the day that you have accomplished your daily goal.

Infuse your water: If the taste of plain water stops you from meeting your daily requirement, try infusing your water with different fruits and vegetables. If you choose the right foods to infuse your water with, it may even provide some added health benefits, like detoxification, while improving the bland taste of water. Fruits and vegetables like lemons, limes, apples, or cucumbers are great choices for a refreshing drink during the hot summer weather. Other options include honey, mint leaves, or raspberries. Healthy choices don’t always have to taste terrible!

Use a Straw: Oddly, we tend to drink faster through a straw. Perhaps it’s because when drinking through a straw, water tastes a bit different, or maybe the experience of sipping through a straw makes drinking water an enjoyable experience. Regardless, just pop a straw in your water, and you’ll be reaching your daily goal in no time!

Proper hydration is the key to reaching your optimal health, allowing you to always perform at your best.