How to Fit Your Bra to Your Body Type/ How to Fit Your Breast into Your Bra

Just as the right clothes help you look and feel your best, the right bra could be the missing puzzle piece to perfecting your outfit. Sadly, most women aren’t as great at finding bras that fit their breasts as they are at choosing clothes that fit their bodies.

Depending on which brand you choose, sizing varies tremendously. An ill-fitting bra can lead to health problems, ranging from backache to neck ache and constant migraines.

Find your breast type:

  1. Shallow: Picture a ski slope: You start at the top and go down to the nipple. You can be born with breasts like this, or they can turn this way after breast-feeding.

You want fullness, you want a push-up with crescent-shaped padding, which will push the lower breast tissue up, bringing your breasts together.

  1. Semi-supported: You don’t quite have the fullness of a 16-year-old girl who just got her breasts in, but it’s a nice look.

All bras will look great.

  1. Self-supported: This would be a code word for implants. Anyone with augmentation would fall into this category. With or without a bra, breasts are supported.

The best bra: All types—the reason for the bra here is to simply create whatever look you want.

  1. Conical:About 6 to 7 percent of women. Generally, a woman who is a C-cup or smaller. The breasts are cone shaped rather than round.

The best bra: Look fuller with padded bras. If you push the apex in, you get more of a natural breast shape.

  1. Uneven:Forty-two percent of women. This is when one breast is larger than the other. Most women have uneven breasts simply because if you’re right-handed, that muscle makes the breast on your right side smaller.

The best bra: Always fit your bra to your largest breast. Look for bras that are contour-cupped. A bra cup with a thin layer of foam can act as a nice filler to mold the smallness of your other breast.

  1. Settled:Twenty-seven percent of women. This is a nicer way of saying that your breasts are deflated or hanging. You need support and you need to pull those girls up! As you age, breasts are not as firm, but they are malleable, so you can form them into any shape you want.

The best bra: A well-structured, multi-part bra that has cup has seams in it. Seams give your breasts great structure and a nice shape.

  1. Thin:About 5 percent of women. If you look in medical journals, this shape is referred to as “tubular breasts.” What that means your breasts are not as wide as the traditional underwire of bras.

The best bra: Bandeau bras. By “smooshing” the breasts together, you make them less “long,” if you will. A contour cup will also work.

  1. Splayed:Twenty-seven percent of women. Splayed means your breasts go east-west, so you want to bring ‘em in toward the center.

The best bra: Demi bras will show more of your upper breast. Look at the center panel of a bra and see how the cups are attached. You want to look for a triangular piece in between where the wires meet, and side support panels in the cups will help push breasts center too.

Cup size:

Many women just don’t understand their size: their breasts appear quite small but, actually, the cup size is not to do with volume but rather the width of your breast tissue,

Most women wear too large a band size (the part that goes round your back) and too small a cup. Getting the band size right is crucial,” says Mercer, “because it should offer 80 per cent of a bra’s support, along with 10 per cent from straps and 10 per cent from the cups. says Julia Mercer, lingerie expert at Marks & Spencer,

Women should aim to own eight bras: Two for every day, two very comfy ones for when they’re lounging about at home, a couple of sports bras as well as a handful of sexier, evening ones.

Advise to put a bra on

According to Faye Ingham at Selfridges, you should place your arms in the straps, adjusting them so they rest on your shoulders, before bending forward and letting your breasts fall into the cups. Pull your boobs (and side-/under-boob fat) into the cups as well. You will be surprised by how much better (and fuller) they look.

The sports bra rules

Whatever the size, a sports bra is essential. You may be trying to tone everything up but if you aren’t wearing the right support, your breasts will get soggier. Once you lose the elasticity, there’s nothing but a boob job to get that back. A sports bra should never reach its first birthday and if you’re doing sports three or four times a week, you should have two or more.