Yoga And Bipolar Disorder and why to combine both

First thing you need to understand what is Bipolar disorder. This is a mental health condition that affects the brain, causing extreme shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels. It mostly occurs due to genetics and trauma like childhood abuse and long-term stress.

The mood swings range from extreme hyperactivity to absolute dullness and depression. They either occur alternatively or stay for prolonged periods before shifting to the other state.


The energized period is referred to as ‘manic’ and the dull phase as ‘depressive.’ During the manic period, the person is overly enthusiastic, extremely excited, and abnormally energetic. He/she becomes restless and finds it difficult to sleep.

As the condition worsens, the person has unrealistic thoughts, gets erratic and impulsive, and hallucinates when it becomes worst.

The other side to this is depression. In this, the woman have an entirely negative outlook towards life and suffer from anxiety disorders. They feel dull, lifeless, and suicidal. Nothing enthuses them, and they don’t feel like mingling with anybody.

The intermediary stage is hypomania, where the person is enthusiastic, excitable, and does work in a flow, making them highly productive. A manic period is usually followed by a depressive state and vice versa.


When you suffer from bipolar disorder, stress is a major component that triggers extreme emotional states. Added to that is anxiety, which only makes it worse when you are in the manic or depressive stage.

Eliminating stress and anxiety makes it easier for a bipolar patient, and yoga does exactly that.

Stretching your body and keeping it healthy with yoga is one way of dealing with the problem. The synchronized breathing while getting in, staying, and getting out of the poses calms the body as well as the mind.

Pranayama and meditation balance and train you better to deal with mood swings. Yoga increases serotonin and gamma amino butyric levels in the brain, which help fight depression.

Thus, yoga is a helpful addition to manage bipolar disorder. It improves your overall health and enables you to deal with bipolar disorder better.