Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance Today

For most people, work is a necessary means to keeping a roof over their heads and living somewhat comfortably. But while work is essential for earning income, it isn’t everything – and it shouldn’t be treated that way. People need time to think, relax and give themselves a break: Otherwise, productivity will decrease.

Here are some ways to feel more in control of your work-life balance.

Set boundaries: You need boundaries to achieve balance between your personal and professional lives. However, the subject doesn’t have to be broached as completely black and white. We must acknowledge that it’s difficult to navigate the high demands of both career and home responsibilities, but when you put yourself first, you are better equipped to manage people and give people what they need.

Recognize the role of work: Work plays a significant role in one’s life. Adopting the right mindset about it allows you to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor, rather than making your job seem like endless drudgery.

Practicing and expressing gratitude for your job and your partners will create a sense of belonging among colleagues, which can generate a familial culture.

Don’t be afraid to unplug: We live in a connected world that never sleeps. Cutting ties with the outside world from time to time allows us to recover from weekly stress and gives us space to so other thoughts and ideas emerge.

Sometimes, truly unplugging means taking a vacation and shutting work completely off for a while. A vacation could be a 15-minute walk around the block without looking at your phone, or a vacation could be two or three weeks traveling with family/friends. It’s important to take a step back to physically and mentally recharge.

Make time for yourself: While your job is important, it shouldn’t be your entire life. You were an individual before taking this position, and you should prioritize the activities or hobbies that made you happy. It´s important to always set aside an hour a week to do something for yourself.

  1. Be present, consistent and accountable: Being present requires you to be attentive at home, at work and during free time. Where you spend your time and energy has a direct connection to how successful you are in achieving work-life balance.

It’s so easy to get caught up working, but it’s so important to spend time with family, friends or other people who bring joy into our lives. Though it might not seem obvious at first, the memories that we create while spending time with those we love help spark new ideas and ways of thinking.