How to Keep Jewelry from Fading and Tarnishing

It usually happens that we buy those pendants, chains or rings for which we have fallen in love, but after a while they are not what they used to be. There comes a time when we reach out to used our favorite pair of gold/silver plated or sterling silver earrings, but they have gone a weird, unappealing color.

Here are some advises for keeping the good state of your jewelry:

Fantasy, gold plated earrings. The simplest way to keep them from dulling and tarnishing, is putting them in small, air tight plastic bags. Be sure to squeeze out the air from the bags prior to fastening, so no moisture remains trapped inside. Then fasten the openings ensuring no air can get in.










This goes for sterling silver, too. The main causes of tarnishing on silver is moisture, and since the air we breathe contains moisture, silver can tarnish fast. Other factors include perfumes, body moisturizers, etc. So, putting your jewelry into little bags when unused, will make them stay bright and lovely for years. Also, a great way to clean tarnish off silver, is dish soap.

Avoid using your jewelry when exercising or during a very hot day, since sweat, just as water, might deteriorate them.

As for jewelry turning your skin a funny color, a brilliant way to resolve this is clear nail varnish. This can be applied to contact areas and will stop your skin from going green or blue.

The moisture from your skin will cause the nickel and other alloys to tarnish and stain. On a ring for example, pop some varnish on the inside around the ring where it’s in contact with your skin.

Enjoy wearing your jewelry knowing that it’ll last much longer, and won’t turn you into a strange greenish colored being!