How to reduce and prevent face expression lines

The face is a mirror that reflects a person’s emotions, and over the years they turn into expressions lines. At the same time, they reveal our age, and they make our face lose youth and freshness.

Expression lines might be cause by three reasons: a repetitive movement of a certain facial muscle, the loss of collagen and elastin, and the prolonged exposure to climate factors such as the sun.

Even when there are many alternative options to prevent and combat expression lines, natural remedies are still the most effective and economical option. Here are some face masks that could help you reduce and prevent these expression lines:

Avocado and honey face mask

Few fruits contain as many healing virtues, and so many vitamins that help to regenerate the organism and the skin as the avocado. Many studies have proved that avocado acts as a real balm that corrects expression lines thanks to its exceptional content of vitamin D and E.

Avocado stimulates collagen production and smooths face wrinkles. If its combined with honey, you’ll obtain a homemade cream able to regenerate your skin and bring back the original elasticity of your face.

Preparation: Just mix the avocado with a full tablespoon of honey. Mash everything together and apply it to the face. Allow it to work for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. For better results, repeat twice a week.









Egg white and carrot face ask

This mask has a lifting effect on the skin, causing the epidermis to regain its firmness and elasticity. Its ideal to the contour of the eyes. It can be combined with carrot, which contributes a high content of vitamins for the skin to tone and reduce expression lines. The reaffirming effect is immediate.

Preparation: put two carrots into a blender and extract the juice. Don’t mix with water, and simply add two egg whites and mix everything together. Put the mixture into a recipient and apply to the skin step by step. Leave it work for 20 minutes, and the wash your face with water.

Aloe mask for eye contour

It’s well known about the multiples benefits of aloe. It’s a healing, reaffirming, cleaning, and depurative natural product; it also is excellent for inner and external organism health. In this specific case, it is used to attenuate expression lines from eye contour. Extract the jelly pulp from two leaves of aloe and crush until it forms a gel; apply on the contour of the eyes and leave it for the next 20 minutes, and take away with water. Apply it three times a week for better results.