Career Advice You Can’t Afford to Miss

Many people make serious mistakes when it comes to their careers, some that can cause damage so severe that it will take a long time and a lot of work to repair. You may be an expert in your occupation, but you aren’t a career expert. That is why you should take career advice from professionals who have that expertise. Don’t make these entirely avoidable mistakes that can cause irreparable damage to your career.

Don’t Choose a Career Without Doing Your Homework. Too many people choose careers without considering whether those occupations are right for them. They rely on best careers lists, listen to their friends or parents, or ignore their own interests, personality traits, and values. They don’t bother to learn about the occupations they want to pursue.

Don’t Lie About Your Qualifications. Whether you misrepresent your qualifications on your resume or in a job interview, you will be facing a significant problem once your employer finds out about it. Not getting the job is much better than being hired under false pretenses.

Don’t Downplay Your Own Achievements and Abilities. Many people downplay their achievements especially when it comes to selling themselves to a prospective employer. You may think that speaking highly of yourself is bragging. It is not. Speak proudly of your accomplishments.

Don’t Badmouth Your Boss Publicly. Don’t talk smack about your boss in public, even if you have good reason to. You never know who is listening. Confide in your family while you are in the confines of your home where no one else can hear you.

Don’t Stay at a Job That Is Making You Sick. If it is making you ill, get out of there immediately, or at least come up with an exit plan that will hasten your ability to leave asap. Never forget your health is your most valuable possession.

Don’t Leave Your Job on Bad Terms. Emotions run high when you are leaving a job, whether or not the decision to exit was yours. You may want to tell off your tyrant of a boss or that pain in the neck coworker who drove you crazy. You may think it would be satisfying to steal or destroy something. It’s important to remember that your current (and soon to be former) coworkers and boss may turn up again at some point in your future. It’s much better to leave without destroying your reputation.

Don’t Resist Changing Careers If Your Current One Isn’t Working Out. How often do people utter the sentence “I always wanted to be a [fill in the blank], but I guess I’ll just keep doing this. It will be too hard to change careers now”? Yes, it’s true that making a transition won’t be easy. You will have to learn new skills, and you may have to start at the bottom. But, do you really want to continue to do something you don’t enjoy? Is that how you want to spend the rest of your working life? Find out if a career change is in order.

Don’t Work Constantly. Everyone needs some time away. Whether you love your job or hate it, you can’t do it constantly. Taking time off—whether it’s a few days or a few weeks—will allow you to come back refreshed and relaxed. You will be better at what you do just because you took some time for yourself.