Some tips to take care your nails in home

If you are that kind of girl that always want to be beauty and clean, but you dont have time to visit someone can fix your nails for you. Here are some tips that helps you to do by yourself. Its easy and cheap


  1. She keeps her hands very clean.


Before you do anything, it’s important to make sure your nails and the skin around them are thoroughly dirt-free. Then remove all traces of your last color with an acetone-free remover (anything else unnecessarily dries out your nail). Applying soap to a toothbrush, then gently scrubbing your nails and skin. This will remove dirt and exfoliate any dead skin without the need for harsh, drying chemicals or expensive scrubs.


  1. Always gentle.


Your nails are delicate, and scrubbing them too roughly can actually expose you to infection.


  1. She trims regularly.


Regular trims are as important to your nails as they are to your hair. So set aside time to clip them every two weeks, adjusting to more or less often once you see how your nails respond.


  1. What to do if you are going to The gym


If you’re someone whose work or gym routine causes a lot of wear and tear, keeping a nail file handy to smooth away any rough edges that happen on the spot. The best way to do it? Work in one direction with the grain of your nail for a smoother finish.


  1. Don´t cut your cuticles.


The cuticle has a very important purpose to serve: It seals the area at the base of the nail. So when you cut or remove the cuticle, it breaks that seal of protection, leaving you vulnerable to bacteria and the possibility of infection. The better you are at leaving cuticles alone, the more your nails will thank you. Try gently pushing back the cuticle once a week with a wooden orange stick after getting out of the shower, then massaging them with a cuticle cream or thick, creamy lotion.


  1. You need to take care of your tools.


Disinfecting your nail tools between uses is just as important as regularly cleaning your makeup brushes, and for the same reason — bacteria. To keep your nails happy and infection-free.Don’t forget to regularly replace disposable tools like emery boards. There’s no reason to continue using a tattered tool when it’s so easy to rotate in a new one.