Is it time for a change the color of your hair?

Loyalty is a great quality-that is, unless we’re talking about our hair. If you can’t remember the last time you tried something different with your haircolor, it’s definitely time to switch things up before the new season begins. Not sure if you’re ready? Check out some of the tell-tale signs, below.


Social Envy

One of the most clear signs it’s time for you to change your haircolor? Social envy. If your phone is filled with screenshots of seamlessly blended balayage, bright blondes, rich coppers, or deep, dark mahoganies, it’s time to quench that hair envy with a visit to the salon. Take baby steps with a few subtle face-framing highlights or dive right into the deep end with an overall color change-either way, prepare to turn those screenshots into selfies.




Like a Virgin

If you’ve never colored your hair before, boy are you in for a treat. Virgin hair, as it’s called in the industry, takes color much faster than hair that’s been previously chemically processed. Why is this good news? Simply put, if you want to make a drastic change-think: ashy blonde balayage on your dark brown hair-you have a pretty good shot at achieving the haircolor of your dreams in one trip to the salon.


Falling Fla

When you were younger, did your hair get natural sun-kissed highlights in the summertime? Perhaps your locks were lighter overall. The haircolor we sported in our youth is often the one we should try to achieve as we get older. Not only are these child-like colors effortless-looking and beautiful, more often than not, they are the haircolors that best complement our skin tone. If your haircolor has fallen flat as you’ve gotten older, liven it up by using a photo of younger you as your inspiration.




Big Changes

Often, when we go through a period of change in our lives-bad breakups, new jobs, moving to a new city, the first day of school-we want to change up our hair as well. Sure, you can cut a lob or blunt bangs, but why not be bolder and try a new haircolor? If you’re a diehard redhead consider getting Copper Shine Lights to add movement and dimension to your crimson locks.

No matter what inspires you to change your haircolor, be sure to change up your haircare routine with your new ‘do. Reach for shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair, cleansing conditioners and masks to keep your strands hydrated and healthy, and dry shampoo to stretch out time between washing.