Why Do Teens Face Personal Hygiene Issues?

Personal hygiene for teens should be an integral part of his or her daily routine to get protection from various illnesses, irrespective of the age. Once your child enters adolescence, his personal hygiene is of utmost importance to create a positive self-image that boosts his self-confidence. Here is a list of factors that explain why hygiene becomes an issue for teens:

A changing body demands a change in habits.

Explain to your teen the many changes his body will be undergoing both externally as well as internally.

Puberty brings a sea change in your child’s skin and scalp as it becomes excessively oily.

Your child can suffer from excessive sweating and body odor.


Body Odor:

As your teen enters puberty, sweat glands develop in the armpits and the genital area. The bacteria present in the skin feed on the sweat from these glands and produce a distinct odor, which may be strong and sweaty.

Anytime your teen participates in some physical activity that causes sweating, ask him or her to use a damp wash cloth and clean the armpit and genital area.

Stress on the fact that all inner garments need to be changed daily and after any sweaty activity.

Encourage your teen to use an antiperspirant deodorant.


Smelly Feet:

Your teen does not have to be a sports enthusiast to get smelly feet. Smelly feet are a common problem for teens. Smelly feet and shoes can be very repulsive and demand urgent care.

Let your teen soak his or her feet in warm water and use a pumice stone or foot scrubber to clear off dead skin cells regularly.

Encourage your teen to use a good foot cream, especially ones that are made to neutralize foot odor.

Toenails should be regularly trimmed to avoid any dirt or germ buildup.

Ask your teen to ensure his or her feet are completely dry before they wear socks or shoes.

Ask your teen to change socks daily and replace them at regular intervals.


Greasy hair

Greasy hair is a constant worry for most teens as they fight excess oil secretion.

Encourage your teen to wash hair each day or every alternate day.

Stress on the importance of hair care.

If the scalp gets too oily, your teen can try a weekly home head massage.

Help your teen to choose shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products as per his hair type.