Make Your Dreams Come True


  • Do what you do with PASSION

Or with love, or joy, or enthusiasm, or any type of positivity.

And ONLY do it with those vibes.

If you’re doing something you don’t have that feeling about, then either

change what you’re doing or

find a way to bring better vibes to the situation you’re in (dig deep, use gratitude, find meaning, purpose and beauty where you stand).

  • Do what you do to SERVE

It doesn’t matter what you spend your time doing, see your activities as being a service into the world in some way, beyond what you personally get from it.

Make it about more than just you.

The vibe of giving/contribution is where it’s at.

Life supports those who support life.

  • Do what you do for your own SATISFACTION

Paradoxically, while doing what you do to serve others, only do it for YOUR OWN SATISFACTION and forget caring about whether anyone else likes it or not!

You will never please everyone, you don’t need validation, and the whole point is that you’re happy and having fun.

If you listen to your intuition, and follow your natural passions and curiosities, you will blaze a trail and shine your light just as you were born to do.

  • Do what you do with CONSISTENCY

The ability to show up every day in your life, week after week, year after year, with the same courage, the same dedication, even on the days when you’re feeling like a hot mess and you don’t know what the heck you’re doing… well… it makes a difference!

Just show up!

There have been SO many times when I’ve been a complete and utter shambles on my journey – not knowing what to do next, or how to do something, or feeling afraid, or making mistakes, and NONE of it matters.

We’re all human! You just have to consistently care, and consistently be there, and consistently deliver in the general direction you want to go, and your life WILL unfold.

And finally…

Exercise patience

That’s all, just exercise patience.

Remind yourself over and over again…

Patience grasshopper, patience.