Core Reasons to Strengthen Your Core Muscles


Superficial reasons to tone up your middle muscles. Building up the muscles below the surface near the spine, which will add to your core stability, can actually reduce the risk of injury, it explains.

This is because most movement “starts at the centre and moves outward,” and having a strong center means you’ll be able to roll with your routine easier without pain, it adds. The source suggests drawing in your ab muscles, holding for five breaths, and then relaxing for 10-reps to build core stability. Do this 10-times a day.

Building a Protective Wall

The same source explains building up your core is almost like building a protective wall in front of vital organs in that part of your body. It can also guard other essential systems – “it’s also where your body’s largest (and most important) veins and arteries are based,” says Best Health.

Strong core muscles support your spine more effectively, and a healthy spine helps you move more effectively, it adds. If you don’t have a healthy core, “It will eventually cause pain, and that will affect the quality of your life.”

Gaining Straight Up Advantages

Many of us slump over a smartphone or at an office desk for hours a say, and this puts a lot of strain on our neck and shoulders. Having a strong core will help you maintain a healthy posture.

Not a Pain in The… Back?

The muscles surrounding your spine are responsible for helping support the vertebrae and discs in the back, it explains. “The lower back is supposed to have a forward curve to it, but weak core muscles will make this position impossible, resulting in pain in the surrounding muscles and tendons,” it adds.

Aiding Digestive Function

If going to the gym to work your core is hard to swallow, then keep in mind that weak core muscles might actually putting strain on your digestive system.