20 tips that will make your life easier

  1. f you like to have your hair collected, try to make hairstyles loose to not exert much pressure on the follicles and prevent hair from growing. Very tight hair can often make you bald in some areas.
  2. To keep all your makeup organized in an easy way, make a magnet board and stick all the boxes there.
  3. If you are one of those who lose gummies, hairpins, eyebrow tweezers … put in your bathroom a small metal strip where you can leave all these little things without risk to lose them.
  4. Use an organized tub in a closet to place there the elements for the hair -iron, dryer, brushes, curling iron-.
  5. Put the container of the eyelash mask under hot water, so you can apply it easily.
  6. If you bought some shoes that are just a tad fair, there is an easy way to stretch them a little: put on a pair of thick socks, shoes and a hair dryer in the hot air points towards the places where the shoe adjustment. Keep the stockings until the shoes cool.
  7. Sweaters and coats are often filled with lint. Use a pumice stone to remove them easily.
  8. To have more organized bags, you can use shower curtain hooks in your closet.
  9. If you have stained your clothes with red wine, the best solution is white wine: it neutralizes the stains, especially if we put it immediately and let it dry in the open air.    pexels-photo-234220
  10. To correctly fit non-skinny jeans inside the high-top boot, you must do the following: fold the jean, place a medium above delicately and then put the boot on.
  11. If you are going somewhere to travel, you can put your shoes in a shower cap, so that the soles do not dirty the rest of your clothes.
  12. If you want to do a closet cleaning, put one garment per hanger, and put them all in one direction. Every time you wear a garment, put that hanger in the opposite direction. After a month, remove all the clothes you have not used even once.
  13. Put magazines or newspapers inside the boots to keep them upright.
  14. Tie stockings and scarves on hangers to keep them neat.
  15. Use your fingers to see how your bra fits: if two fingers do not enter the back, it is very fair, if there is too much space, it is too big.
  16. To avoid the bad smell in the shoes, place inside a bag with bicarbonate.
  17. Use the hair iron to iron hems.
  18. If you have a bijouterie ring that leaves your fingers green, the best thing you can do is put some transparent nail polish, and problem solved.
  19. If you never know which key is what, you can paint them with nail polishes of different colors to remember you better.
  20. If you have a dinner and you want to cool the white wine, the best thing you can do is add some frozen grapes, so that the flavor will not be diluted.