Saying goodbye to confort zone

The comfort zone is a bubble that all people create to feel safe and protected, or at least to have that feeling, even if it is a self-deception. And why is it beneficial to leave the comfort zone that we have created?

The essential component that feeds the comfort zone is the fear of change, fear of the unknown.

You feel insecure about losing control, finding yourself in unknown territory. But on the outside of this area, magic happens. As long as we want to grow and learn. Let’s call this the “learning zone.”

  1. Increase your self-confidence

Taking the necessary steps to get you out of the comfort zone has great rewards, self-confidence is one of them. This happens because, by stagnating yourself in everyday life, you lose confidence in yourself, since you do not face situations in which you can prove your potential.

Being willing to change, to experiment and to test yourself makes you feel more confident to face the difficulties and challenges that end up appearing in your life. This is something inevitable, and the best thing is that you are preparing and exercising the confidence that you need to deposit in yourself.

Saying a comfort zone sounds nice enough, and sometimes it is, but even though we feel comfortable, we are hurting ourselves. As with false beliefs and resistance to change, we are avoiding opportunities for growth because of our own fear of pain, suffering, or failure. How sweet it is to wallow in our own sadness, and be comfortably able to say “no” to anything that takes our focus away from our truth; anything that takes us out of our comfort zone.

  1. You allow your personal development

As we acquire commitments and we are involved in more obligations with age, our desire to venture and experience changes are going out. We strengthen our comfort zone to feel that we have a stability, and this makes us have a greater fear of failure, not doing what we would like for fear of not achieving it.

If we decide to stay tied to our comfort, we will never find our true potentials, and we will never experience what we are capable of achieving. Any learning occurs outside this area. Whenever you start something new, like a hobby, learn a new language, a new sport, or start a new job, you will be operating outside of your security zone. The limits must be pushed.

  1. Live fully

Getting out of the comfort form allows you, as we have said previously, to give a greater meaning to your life and your existence. Since living fully means giving way to changes, meeting new people, knowing new places and places, learning new skills … In short, face the challenge of living, developing your potential and feeding your concerns.