How to control jealousy

Many people wonder how to control jealousy because it is one of the most problems deteriorates the relationship and at the same time, they are more difficult to handle because they occur through an instinctive reaction that denotes lack of self-confidence and fear of losing the to be loved.

1 Determine where your jealousy comes from

Sometimes it is a lack of self-confidence, which makes you believe that the other person can leave you for anyone, in other occasions they are due to previous experiences, in that case it is time to overcome it and understand that each relationship is different. In addition, the influence of having grown up in a family environment where your parents watched over each other could make you more predisposed to the topic, so it is important to determine the root of the feeling.

2 Work on self-confidence

Knowing what you are worth, understanding your qualities and why your partner or the people close to you choose your company is very important to learn to control jealousy, because to the extent that you feel more secure you will be less obsessed with being abandoned .

3 Remember that we all need our space

Absorbing your partner or wanting to be with her at all times not only will not prevent the other deceiving you if you wish, but also can quickly wear down the relationship because we all want a personal space. To the extent that you work with your partner, you will be able to allow their space.

4 Develop your own activities and hobbies without your partner

Do not forget that before that person came into your life, you were an individual human being with tastes and passions of their own, it is important that during the relationship you maintain this, and just as the other must have a space of your own, you too. Practicing other activities will help you calm anxieties and feel more confident about yourself by exploiting the things you are good at.

5 Avoid negative and destructive thoughts and separate reality from fiction

Jealousy sometimes make lose objectivity and see things where they do not exist, so it is important to control the verbal and physical hostility to a situation that you consider threatening.