What do you have to do to have the love of that man you like?


Never, write it down, never! From the first step if you want him to really care about you, it does not mean that you are arrogant, but if you let him know that you are a woman who is not available when he wants, that you time is valuable and that you should respect your spaces, that you have friends and that you also attend, that you will not change any attitude on your part.

Nothing is more exhausting than having to be asking every time if your husband is happy, if he still loves you as he was at the beginning, if he will not be tired of you and if he will not want to leave your side. By consensus, there is a simple recipe of 15 steps that if you incorporate it into your life, you can relax and only enjoy the benefits of having it COMPLETELY crazy about you.

This behavior will let him know that he must go straight with you and that there are no half measures, which will have an effect on being always with you, and will always try to make the relationship go very well.

So if you are interested in a boy, start by behaving like a woman who must be respected, who is not for his game, defends your space and your time, nothing more challenging than that, for a man who wants to fall in love with a woman with these qualities.

Let him take his time from time to time, doing something he enjoys

Not many women can see the benefits of letting their man do something separate from her, maybe with her friends or with her family. “Distance makes the heart fall in love more.”

Be right

If you want to drive your man crazy, and you are going to defend some position of yours, before doing it, make sure you have looked for the pertinent information so that when he ends up giving you the reason, be proud of being with a wise and intelligent woman, not only stubborn he likes to be right, yes.


Be polite

Not because they are dating or are married means you can be rude.

Push him to do things together

Most men tend to be very adventurous in their bachelor years; This usually changes over time, and they begin to feel comfortable spending the whole weekend in the armchair watching sports.

Contrary to what most women think, the fact that you impel them to keep doing things as a family, will not bother you, but on the contrary, will inspire you and go completely crazy for you.

Say what bothers us with wisdom

Women have the mistaken idea that the more we let them do things to us without us telling them anything, the more they will love us. However, things work in the opposite direction. If he was late and did not say anything, tell him that it bothered you and that you do not want it to happen again. That the fact that he is late is not a problem; The problem is that I did not tell you and that you filled with worries.

Love other beings

Show your love for the other creatures of creation, leave yourself for a while and connect with what surrounds you.