Blouses that help us look thinner

Many women before buying or wearing a blouse, shirt, or top garment, we think that stylize us, favor us and make us see the best way. Nothing like leaving a blouse that makes us feel beautiful, safe and comfortable, that when we use people tells us how beautiful or thin we are.

Sure it happened to you: you look at your wardrobe, you see all those blouses and you do not know which one to choose until you end up with the same one as always.

That’s why, to make your life easier, we’ll tell you how you can be amazing and uncomplicated considering these blouse models. Of course, these should from now on be the secret key in your wardrobe if you want to look thinner.

V neck blouses

These garments with wide necks at angles give you a much more stylized shape. Besides being functional (something that will save you time) they also make you look thinner.

Blouses with vertical lines

This kind of prints are always the perfect allies to wear a thin and elongated figure.

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Sleeves ¾

If your arms are thick or your shoulders are round, this option is ideal. Make sure that the sleeve is loose, so it will give you that touch that disguises very well.


Blouses with horizontal lines.

Very large prints with round shapes.

A lot of brightness or bright colors will make you look more chubby.

The shirts with round or very wide cuts especially in the part of the waist, do not help you to lose weight visually.