How to choose the correct swimsuit

Summer is synonymous with vacations, heat, beach, swimming pool and of course, bathing suits. The latter, both for women and men, becomes an indispensable garment for the time, especially since it must be fashionable and must be adjusted correctly to the body to not let anything escape.

The process to choose it becomes an odyssey, either trying to find the right model or color that fits our figure because all women have different contexts and more developed attributes than others.

However, your choice is a headache for those who decide to change it often. That is why it is important to analyze our physique when choosing a swimsuit. The shape of the body is fundamental when choosing it.


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Pear: Those who have this figure have the shoulders and waist narrower than the hip. That is why it is recommended to wear swimsuits that are smooth at the bottom and have stamped at the top. It also accommodates this figure using padded and strapless models. Do not wear wide straps for any reason.

Apple: Women with this type of body have a wider waist than the shoulders and hips. They are recommended that the bottom of the swimsuit be dark and higher on the sides. This favors and gives the impression of a narrower silhouette.

Hourglass: This figure is characterized because the shoulders and hips are of the same size, but not the waist that is narrower. This figure is favored by all models of bikinis and swimsuits, especially those that have prints on the bottom.

Rectangle: In that type of body the hip, waist and shoulders have the same measure. For this figure we recommend the strapless upper garments and the lower waist low garments, this to create the illusion of a curvilinear silhouette.


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