A self-confident person attracts more opportunities

Those who have confidence in themselves know their abilities and expose them, while those who are not will have so many fears that they will prevent them from demonstrating their virtues.

Being safe can open many doors, from getting a job to undertaking a project without fear of failure. Even in the most difficult moments, security will help us get up and carry out successful projects.


These are some keys to project security through your posture and image:

  1. Voice tone In the business world, an adequate tone of voice is the key to transmit security. It is important that you be listened to, but speaking too loudly may convey arrogance. On the contrary, speaking too low could make you lose credibility.
  2. Diction. When talking with others, it is best to talk slowly. Not pronouncing words well can be an indicator of insecurity; it gives the impression that we do not believe in what we say, and the listener will notice it causing the message to be lost.
  3. Gestures. Gestures are an essential part of body language, as they give rise to endless misunderstandings. When we do not understand any subject we can make it known by gestures: opening our eyes a lot is a sign that we are not understanding, closing our lips with force transmits tension or that we try to maintain control of ourselves.
  4. Smile. This is one of the most important elements of non-verbal communication. Smiling in a natural way projects tranquility, self confidence and ability to socialize. Be careful: you do not smile all the time or you risk transmitting falsehood.
  5. Greeting When you arrive at a place it is essential to greet everyone present, whether you know them or not. Come, introduce yourself and offer your hand.
  6. Posture Sitting upright will transmit security. On the contrary, looking down or bending your shoulders will make you look like a person who does not believe in himself.