Why would we want to end a friendship?

A friendship is the non-romantic emotional connection between two people during a period of time and to which a certain importance is assigned. Unfortunately, sometimes the time comes when that friendship changes and it is no longer satisfactory.

Of course, it is often not easy to be “the one who ends” without having certain ambiguous emotional responses that range from relief to guilt.

  • Mainly because it is no longer good for us.
  • Lack of reciprocity or abuse.
  • Disillusion
  • For not being that friend what we expected.
  • Here much depends what we expect from a friend or that particular friend.
  • Because his circumstances changed and now he does not give friendship the same importance as before.

It is true that a friend is usually close at times complicated and cheerful, but if a friendship is becoming toxic or away from your values or interests, there is nothing wrong with getting safe and finish it.

A friendship does not need to pass tests to value itself. They say that friends meet in jail and in the hospital, but a good friend might not go to see you for many reasons (among them that you do not want to have a delinquent friend or that you do not like to see people die loves).

The fact that you do not want to have a friendship with someone does not mean that you are saying that that person is not worthy of having friends, only that, given their way of being, you are not being able to be friends at the moment.

There is nothing wrong with a person not liking us, especially if one of the two has had changes in their way of acting or seeing life.