Food that damage your body

Some foods, in their breakdown of macronutrients, have certain chemical compounds – such as saturated fats – that can disturb sleep. Do you feel more stunned than energized after running? Well, avoid these eleven foods that ruin your rest.


The consumption of hexadecanoic acid, a saturated fat present in coconut oil, can undermine your ability to get a good eight hours of sleep. Instead, opt for olive oil, which only contains unsaturated fats and has additional benefits for heart health.


Although having a cup before going to sleep is a common ritual, this hot beverage has two drawbacks at that time of day. Black and green teas contain caffeine and another sleep-disrupting compound called theobromine, which can act as a diuretic and increase your heart rate. Choose an herbal infusion without caffeine better to avoid the presence of stimulants and take it a few hours before going to bed, thus having enough time to go to the bathroom if you need it.


When you want to get a good sleep, you will have to dispense with this coverage for the pasta. The acidity of tomatoes can induce heartburn in people suffering from gastric reflux. Tomato sauce also contains tyramine, an amino acid, which activates the brain to release norepinephrine, a stimulant that increases brain activity and inhibits sleep.


Even when you eat only a small amount, chocolate contains caffeine, something problematic for those who are not used to their usual consumption. Like tea, this sweet also contains the theobromine-stimulating compound. But do not be scared; If you need to eat a portion, white chocolate is a good substitute, because it is naturally free of caffeine.


Although alcohol is a natural sedative that can help you be sleepy, it actually makes it harder for you to hit a deep sleep, which affects how rested you perceive yourself in the morning. Also, a hangover is not a way to start a long run. There’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation, but be aware of your consumption during the training blocks or before a big event, like a race.


Unfortunately for lovers of spicy flavors, hot sauces can cause acidity, which becomes worse when lying down. New research shows that taking less sodium during the day reduces visits to the bathroom at night. Avoid savory chips and hot sauces, opt instead for a soft guacamole garnished with raw vegetables.