The importance of exfoliating the skin

Exfoliation is very important because it removes dead skin cells and dry skin. This makes our face look healthier and brighter, as well as clean. We also wear a younger face, although it does not eliminate wrinkles. What it allows is to prevent premature aging, which is why it is essential that it be carried out since we are young.

How often do I have to exfoliate? It should be done regularly, but not every day because we do not want to eliminate the natural protective layers of the skin. In case of dry dermis, it is recommended to do it once a week; for normal faces, every 10 days; in the oily skin you can do it up to twice a week. If you suffer from acne, it is best to avoid it until it disappears, to prevent infections.

Prepare the skin. Exfoliation, by eliminating dead cells, prepares the skin to receive hydration in a deep way. For this reason, once you finish with this cleaning, it moisturizes. There are even some moisturizing exfoliants, which have essential oils incorporated.

Removes dirt It not only cleans deeply but also removes accumulated dirt that make-up removers or other products do not eliminate. For example, blackheads and pimples.

Improves circulation Due to the massage that we give to the skin when we place the product – small soft circles -, we stimulate the blood circulation and relax the dermis.

How to do it correctly? The ideal moment is in the morning, since at night it is time for cell renewal. When placing the product, do not massage the same area for more than half a minute, to avoid irritation or loss of the natural protective layer. It is important that the skin is somewhat moist at the time of the process, and perform it from the nose to the outside. Avoid exfoliating around the eyes and lips (other products are used for them). When finished, rinse with warm water and place a cold damp cloth, which will activate circulation and close the pores.