So how do you start loving yourself more?

Self-love is a practice. It is a practice of choosing yourselfself, putting yourself first when you can, making yourself important, and being kind and compassionate with yourself. Also, self-love is about choosing things, people, and situations that are good for you, feel right, and serve you.


Self-love is an on-going conscious choice!


When you start to practice consciously choosing yourself over others, over damaging situations, over unfulfilling friendships and relationships, things changed dramatically.


To illustrate why you need to practice self-love, here are a few examples


  1. You will start to feel more in charge of your life.


sometime we make poor choices out of fear, guilt, and shame or empowered choices. So, We have to stop trying to please people, accommodating men unworthy of our attention, and doing things that dont bring pleasure or satisfaction.

When you start loving yourself more, you too will realize your wants and needs are important, and you have the choice to honor them.2. You will set stronger boundaries around dating and love.


  1. You will stop seeking approval.


Stop worrying about how much others liked or approved of you. Stop doing things to be liked. Try to create a space to be more authentic, less defensive, and more my genuine self.

When you have your own approval and acceptance, you start caring less about other people’s opinion of you and living a life that’s aligned with your own values.



  1. You will start to make more courageous and conscious decisions.


Self-love will give you the courage to get rid of things that don’t serve you and make space for things that will help you grow. When you truly value yourself, you make decisions that honor you rather than harm you.


  1. You will start to enjoy being with yourself.


You too will find that when you become more loving toward yourself, you will start being more comfortable being in your own lovely company.


  1. You will develop a stronger relationship with yourself.


When you deepen your connection with yourself through self-love, you’ll connect on a deeper level with others too. As your relationship with yourself improves, your others get stronger as well.


  1. You will stop seeking happiness in relationships.


When you start to love yourself more and feel happier, you too will likely feel less desperate for a romantic relationship. You’ll realize you don’t need a partner to be happy. You just need to be happy and the right person will show up in time.