Homemade recipes to darken hair tone

Mustard oil

With mustard oil you can make your hair darker in just a couple of weeks of use. Before using it, remember to protect your eyes, because it hurts a lot when you slide over there.

In a saucepan, heat the oil (about 300ml) taking care not to boil.

With a brush to paint your hair, take a little oil and begin to apply it to your hair from the tips and gradually advance to the root, taking care to cover all your hair.

Wearing rubber gloves, massage your hair, for 10 minutes. Now cover your hair with a bath cap and keep it in that state for 2 hours. Remove it, wash your hair and treat it as usual.

Do it 3 times a week!

  1. Dry salvia

You will need 2 pods of dried salvia and 200ml of brandy. If you can not find it in your market, you can buy a normal sage and put it in the sun for 2 days until it dries completely.

Once you have it, boil the 2 pods in half a liter of water for 30 minutes. Put it to cool. With a strainer, remove the waste water. In a jar, put it together the brandy. Seal it well and let it sit for a whole day.

For the application, you must bathe first, dry your hair as usual and smear the sage to cover all spaces. Cover your hair with a bathing cap and let it act for 1 hour.

Remove with water.

You can do it every time you want, even daily, because, although the darkening happens from the first application, it is lost with constant washing.

  1. Coffee

In a coffee maker, prepare 3 cups with double the ground coffee that you would normally use. Let it cool in a bowl. In the shower, preferably being naked, pour the coffee over your hair, covering as much as you can.

Wash it as usual. Repeat this process one more time.

If you do it daily, in less than a month you will have several darker shades of hair.

With these homemade methods, there is no excuse for not having the hair with the dark tone you want. Remember that they are 100% effective and natural methods. Also, they also work if your hair is already graying.