What do we need to create new habits efficiently?

Step 1: preparing.

List in your work book:

In the first place it is necessary that you identify in a concrete way what habits you wish to acquire, and from there what your goals are. To do so, in the previous list, try to be as concrete as possible and describe the habits you wish to acquire in specific goals.

Step 2: Encourage self-confidence. The best version of myself.

Visualize yourself in the near future, for example within a couple of years, in which you have achieved to create the habits that you now want to incorporate into your day to day, try to visualize with great detail and answer the following notebook questions:

Step 3: Find the atom of your goals.

 Habits related to health (sports, nutrition, relaxation)

 Habits related to our effectiveness (order, punctuality, time and money management, organize my domestic tasks well ..)

 Habits of personal satisfaction (dedicating time to the family, cultivating a hobby, learning a language, etc.)

Now choose only one goal from each category, and divide each into small short goals, divide and specify everything you can .. we need to get to the atom:

Step 4: Designing our new pattern.

Upon reaching this step we will have visualized our best future self, defined our goals, and we will have shelled them in small atoms.

We will take note in our notebook of our new scheme to fix it. We will look for an activator and a reward for each action that we want to start. The actions have to be in the beginning the atoms that we have defined in the previous step.

Step 5: The crux of the matter is repetition, repetition, and repetition. Promoting perseverance

It takes 66 days to establish a habit permanently. It is precisely here that the problem occurs many times, in what it costs to be constant at the beginning. What do we need to encourage our perseverance ?: Self-motivation.