How can you make yourself a peeling

This sounded treatment, consists of exfoliating the first layer of our skin in order to eliminate dead cells and rejuvenate the epidermis and for this we no longer need to go to a clinic to make a ‘peel’.

The benefits of doing so is that it diminishes the wrinkles, spots and marks of our face, in addition to giving our skin a greater elasticity and tone and the best of all is that now we have the possibility of doing a ‘peeling’ without leaving home. Easy and more profitable.


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How can you do it?

Steps to get a skin free of imperfections:

  • First of all, get a facial cleanse. Wash your face with water and the products you use regularly. Then clarify it and, very important, do not dry it.
  • Without drying the face previously, massage the area gently in circles applying different ingredients or products suitable for treatment, they can be natural or more professional products (we will explain the differences between them, as well as their advantages and disadvantages) . Try to reach every corner of your skin but avoiding the most sensitive places such as the eyes and mouth.
  • Let the product or ingredients act for several minutes and then rinse the area with water.

Natural ingredients: to carry out the treatment with natural ingredients you will need to make the shopping list. Normally, women who choose this option usually opt for milk (milk, yogurt), citrus (lemon, orange), herbs or oils. For this, they usually make a mixture of the chosen ingredients to apply on the face. And, although one of the advantages of this option is the low price of the products, it is true that we can not ensure good results for our skin.

Glycolic acid is the main component that acts for the exfoliation of our skin, eliminates dead cells and acts against aging.