Is it possible to rejuvenate the face?

Smoke, changes in temperature, lack of cleanliness and the use of makeup without removing can affect our face considerably and cause premature aging or the appearance of the first signs of aging. But, for our happiness, there are simple actions or measures that will allow us to rejuvenate our face, daily, and without having to undergo laser treatments or a scalpel.

When we think about returning youth and freshness to our face, the first thing that worries us is the need to invest a large sum of money in cosmetic treatments and miraculous creams that they offer us in the market. It would never happen to us in the mind that we only need to be more selective in our diet and thus promote the care of our skin from the inside out.

Sugar, red meats, dairy products and processed foods directly and negatively influence the appearance and health of our face. Contributing to accelerate aging, discoloration, the appearance of fine lines and skin flaccidity. Therefore, the plan to follow is to consume, in high quantities and often, fruits, dark vegetables, legumes and cereals to enhance the doses of nutrients, collagen production, tensing properties and thus look younger and healthier.

Once we identify the correct foods to rejuvenate the face, it is also necessary to take into account that not only is it enough to choose them, but also to know how to prepare them so as not to increase the chances of aging. It is advisable to avoid frying, roasting or smoking and the best alternative would be slow cooking at low temperature, marinate with lemon, dress with some spices and incorporate apple cider vinegar so that your food is your medicine!

Drinking two to three liters or eight glasses of water, every day, will always help you avoid dehydration of the face and ensure its moisture. Intake that you can vary and intercalate adding infusions of green tea, natural juices or detox of fruits and vegetables to detoxify and cleanse the body.

Now that we recognize how we should feed ourselves, to take care of our skin, we must also bear in mind that it is important to spare our face with a mask, ad hoc to our skin, once or twice a month. You can prepare it yourself on the basis of avocado (to give moisture), with honey, egg and olive oil (to restore elasticity and tone), oatmeal and honey (for a younger and fresher appearance) or yogurt, honey and lemon (to deliver shine, remove dead cells and reduce blemishes and scars present).

Easy and, above all, cheap, it is fighting aging! So also remember to clean your face in the morning and before going to sleep or exfoliate at least once a month with a dermatological product or preparing a natural exfoliant by mixing spoonfuls of sugar and lemon. Do not forget that a young, fresh and bright face is the reflection of a healthy life, well lived and cared for!