Water with lemon: 6 benefits that will change your life

Drinking water with lemon every morning has infinite benefits, but these are the first ones that you will notice:

The taste is acid but increases the excretion of acids by the urine, so that its effect on the blood and the body is alkalizing (and, therefore, detoxifying). The pH of the lemon is 2.6, possibly one of the most acidic among fruits. Grapefruit, orange, pineapple – or tomato – are also acidic.

A glass of water with half a lemon provides 2 kilocalories, and in return it offers potassium (10 mg), vitamin C (4 mg), flavonones (2 mg of eriocitrin, diosmin, hesperidin and naringenin) and some fiber (0.5 g) ). This formula is purifying and improves blood circulation.

Water with lemon is a first choice remedy for colds and pharyngitis. It has been attributed its efficacy as an immune stimulant to its vitamin C content. However, although the lemon is rich in this vitamin, it is not a “pump”.

The effect is due, according to studies, to the combination of aromatic oils and phytonutrients such as flavanones, which multiply by 200 the stimulating capacity of vitamin C.

 Thanks to the content of citrates (230 mg in 5 ml), it prevents the appearance of kidney stones. The consumption of juice from a half to a lemon each day significantly increases the levels of citrate in the urine, which reduces the formation of stones in the urinary system (in the kidneys and bladder).

Water with lemon also helps improve immunity. The combined action of vitamin C and flavonones increases the number of white blood cells, the defensive cells capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria and diseased cells. Therefore it is recommended in the dietary treatment of infections, especially respiratory ones. ??

If we want to do a fast with the aim of promoting purification and weight reduction (if possible, under the control of a dietitian or a doctor), we can take about 40 lemons in 10 days.