Signs your boyfriend is honestly saying “I Love You”

These signals will help you discover if you mean it or if you only say it because you think it is what you want to hear.


  • He says it first. There is no pressure or need to say that he loves you, but even so, he says it when you least expect it (and does not expect sex in return). You are not forcing him and you did not ask him if he loved you. He said it because he really feels it.
  • He looks you in the eyes. His eyes reveal his feelings for you. He looks at you with tenderness and love when he says I love you.
  • Hugs you. Does your boyfriend hug you and squeeze your fingers or your arms when he says I love you? When you truly care about someone and love them, you can not avoid wrapping them tightly in your arms.
  • The long kiss. He tells you that he loves you after a long and passionate kiss and then continues to kiss you for a while.
  • Hold your hands. When you’re sitting next to him, do you hold your hands and play with your fingers while saying “I love you”? He may feel strange or shy when he says it, but those overwhelming emotions prompt him to express it.
  • The cozy hug. He embraces you with affection and kisses you while saying how much he loves you. Hugs, caresses and kisses always weaken us and we can not avoid saying the things we really want to say.
  • When you least expect it. A man who is trying to sleep with you will tell you that he loves you when you expect to hear him, but if a man really loves you, he will not tell you when you expect to hear him, but at the moment when you least expect him.
  • He says it seriously. The tone of his voice can reveal the seriousness of his words. If he looks you in the eyes and tells you as if it were a fact that he loves you, he does not say it just to hear from you too, he says it with the only intention that you know that he loves you.