Ideal colors to make your nails look long

Not all women have long nails, so you can often see hands with short nails, either for comfort or lack of vitamins, because they end up breaking. Anyway, regardless of the situation, the short nails can also look spectacular with colors that will give life to your look in the summer.

Generally the colors of enamels look very nice on long nails, as they are more noticeable and stand out. However, the short nails, whether square or pointed, can also be glazed and worn in a striking color or combined with the wardrobe.

So, know what are the tones that suit you if you have short nails and you’ll get a perfect look for this new season.

Ideal colors for short nails

1 Pastel colors: in this new season, and since the spring, different types of colors and enamels have been enhanced and won a place in the female look. Thus, pastel colors are perfect for the time and especially if you have short nails. They are more discreet, the color is easy to apply and as they are clearer, the short nail does not look overloaded. That you do not choose any, if not one that produces some harmony between your skin tone and the color chosen.




For example, if you are brunette a yellow will look stronger than a white skin, but a light blue will give the perfect touch.

2 Transparent and nude glazes: always as a base you should use an enamel to protect and often it is this same that serves as a shine for your nails.

Another option is to opt directly for a transparent enamel to have brightness and luminosity in your hands.

Although this is a great option, wearing your nails in a clear nude color will be a wise decision. Your short nails will add glamor and sophistication, making them wonderful for day or night activities.

3 Dark enamels: this type of enameling is not suitable for your short nails, since it makes them look even smaller, and the effect is not flattering.

If in any case you want to wear a tone like blue or black on your nails, a trick to gain lengthened nails is to paint them all, except the edges, so that they look visually longer, thinner and you can wear the color well.

Anyway it is advisable to opt for transparent or clear glazes, so that short nails really look good.