Moms advices: Tips To Treat Sticky Eyes In Infants


Do you find sticky, yellowish discharge at the corner of your baby’s eyes? Well, it is quite normal among babies to develop sticky eyes that sometimes appear as flaky and crusty after sleep.

This happens due to narrow tear ducts in newborns. Accumulation of tears results from slight blockage in the tear ducts. The eyes look sticky when tears have dried up. If your baby too has the same symptoms, there is no need to worry as long as it does not happen in excess.

Sticky eyes are not a problem themselves, but you need to be careful and ensure your baby does not develop eye infection.

You must know what you can do when your baby has sticky eyes. Here is what you should know:

Sticky eyes in baby are caused by blocked tear ducts.

If the condition worsens you need to consult the doctor for antibiotics.

The doctor shall diagnose if it is the result of any bacterial infection.

Bath the affected eye with saline water to keep it clean.


Signs You Should Look For:

If you find sticky eyes in newborn baby, you should be watchful of the following symptoms:

See if there is redness of the eyeball resulting from inflammation or mild infection.

Sticky eyes may develop into conjunctivitis in some cases. See if your baby is rubbing eyes too frequently.

Consult your doctor. He may prescribe antibiotic eye drops.

Make sure to wash your hands before applying the drops to avoid spreading of any further infection.


What You Can Do To Prevent Sticky Eyes In Infants:

There isn’t much you can do to prevent stickiness in eyes when your baby is born with blocked tear ducts.

The ducts start opening and begin to drain normally after few months of life.

In case they don’t open on their own, your doctor may suggest a fine probe under influence of anesthesia once he turns around 1 year.

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