Is It Safe To Do Squats During Pregnancy?


Yes. Squats are one of the best exercises to keep you healthy and make you feel better during pregnancy, provided you do not overdo them or indulge in strenuous workouts.

If there is any workout that you need to do during pregnancy, then it should be squats. The squat moves not only pump-up your heart rate but also strengthen your lower half and tone your body.

Include squats in your weekly exercise routine because it offers you and your baby several benefits and helps you during labor. Interesting? Read on as Read on as MomJunction tells you (with images and video) how to do squats during pregnant. Let’s begin with its safety.

You can continue with this exercise throughout, for a healthy pregnancy. However, it is advisable to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine during pregnancy.


Benefits Of Squatting During Pregnancy

Now you know that squats are good for you and your baby. Let’s see them in detail:

Strengthen glute muscles: Squat workouts help strengthen your glute muscles. Moreover, it helps maintain the shape of your bottom.

Alleviate lower back ache: Your back pain, which is common during pregnancy, is relieved as squatting exercises help stretch your lower back areas. The pain is caused due to ligament loosening.

Prevent constipation: A majority of women experience constipation as they near the end of pregnancy. Squats help in the normal functioning of the digestive system and relieve flatulence.

An excellent birth posture: Squatting positions help you cope with contractions during labor. The exercises facilitate the expansion of the birth canal, and thus an easy descent of your baby. Squatting also helps in relaxation of the perineal muscles.

Strengthen the leg muscles: Squatting during the third trimester help strengthen your leg muscles. Strong legs help in labor and the final push to give birth.

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles: Squatting helps to lower the pressure on pelvic floor muscles, strengthen them and prepare the muscles for birthing.

Maintain center of gravity of the body: Squatting exercises during pregnancy help in maintaining the center of gravity of your body, which shifts during pregnancy.

As your pregnancy matures, there is discomfort in your body. Squatting alleviates the discomforts and keeps you fit.

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