Some tips to regain confidence if you have failed



Accept the error

If you have done something wrong you will know that the other person has lost confidence in you. So do not waste any more time trying to hide part of the story to be less bad. If you want the other person to regain confidence in you, the first thing you should do is assume that you were wrong and that the fault is yours, at least partially.

Be patient

If you want to recover someone’s trust, you need to let time pass and be patient. If that person who means so much to you feels betrayed by how you have behaved, you will need time for the wounds to heal. Do not expect everything to return to normal overnight.

If you have the opportunity and it is necessary, talk about what led you to do it

Now that you have admitted your mistake, it is time to talk about what led you to do it. In this way, the other person may even understand you. Talking about your feelings and thoughts about the subject can make the other person reconsider and want to give you a chance.

Don’t get defensive

Usually when people make a mistake, they tend to get defensive and this does not work. Being humble is an important point to regain someone’s confidence. Your goal is that you can talk about what happened and see you as a person who makes mistakes like any human being. So do not let me see you as a bad person.

Do not ever make the same mistake again

If you have gotten me to forgive you and trust you again, do not ever make the same mistake again. Because if it is difficult to recover the trust once lost, if you make the same mistake again, you better forget that person. You can follow the advice you just read to give you another chance, but rarely give you two opportunities for the same reason.

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