What can i do if i like someone younger than me?


Women have the great problem of quickly deluding us, and at the least indicated time, we realize that we are completely in love that we think that man is the right one, but what happens if he is younger than you?

When you start dating a younger person, two things happen to you: the first time you did not know that you were younger than you were that your age was hidden or that it was simply a fact that was obvious.

And the second, because you only considered that he was a friend until you do not know at what moment you started to feel things for him.

Do you think that age influences a relationship enough? The truth is that age does not determine anything but it is very important that the difference between age is between two people.

In addition, there are people who at a young age are usually much more mature than others, even more than oneself. Some know perfectly the purpose they have in this life.

You probably have thoughts like “take the next step or move away” or “Will it work?” Go out with someone else that is not easy, much less if we continue living in a society with prejudices, maybe you have a little fear of what your family or your friends will say.

Do not let yourself be intimidated by other people, you are the person who is living this moment and you feel that you have really fallen in love with this boy that you should take into account the following aspects:

  1. If the relationship is right, it will not have to be bad

Forget negative comments from people, the only thing that should matter is that both feel the same and are willing to strengthen the relationship.

Keep in mind that society is changing little by little, but what you are doing, then what could be wrong, can be accepted later.

  1. You like your mental age, not physical

If you really feel like you have lost things, it is because you have really fallen in love, but analyze the situation, if you like that boy it is because you have that solid.

Women are very interested in men who have self-confidence, those who have long-term goals and those who know how to value a woman.

  1. Mental immaturity is at all ages

The worst mistake that can come is to say that an older person is more mature than a younger one. Mental age has nothing to do with chronological age, always keep it in mind.


Love is essential for anyone, sometimes you can give great surprises by putting people who are totally what we never expected as a couple. It’s amazing how love makes a change of opinion about something you once believed.¬†

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