How to make a boy you like with hints


gtIt is not the most sensible, but not all other people who have received our feelings for receiving the rejection of the other person.

Send indirect is a way to flirt a boy, this game seeks the interaction of both until it takes that connection between the two.

Some people believe that it is better than anyone and that it says things bluntly, but the truth is that it is a more complicated situation than it seems, in some cases something like a co-worker happens. someone who has been your friend since childhood and let him know that you like it could harm friendship.

That’s why we’ll help you with some tips to send some more subtle hints when they’re around.




  1. “I was wrong”

If you have sent a message by error message, you have already sent a file or message by “error”.

  1. “Listen to this song”

It is one of the ways to transmit your feelings in the stomach, you will not be dedicating a song, but you will do the song that you like to listen to. Well played! This will cause you to remember each time you hear it.

  1. Send pictures

If you tend to chat a lot through chat, release images with love phrases, maybe you do not think that you dedicate them, but consider that the message you are looking for is those images.

  1. States

Through Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram update your stories you can go out singing, special song or upload love images so that you at least find out that you are excited about someone.

  1. The messages to deshora

At the least unexpected moment, write to your chat, in the nights before going to sleep, in those moments that are unoccupied and only you know it. Surely you will confuse him, but you will get a good conversation.

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