Don’t do this if you want to let him know you feel something


Pretend you dont like him

“Hey, I like you but I agree if you just want us to be friends, I like you, but not much, ok?” It is NOT the best way to admit your feelings. The only thing you will achieve is to confuse it, so you have to be clear with your intentions.


Many messages to say it

The decision to tell you what you feel through a text message will only work if you do it the right way. For example, you should avoid confessing and then continue sending and sending messages that will only betray how nervous you are.


Find the right time

If you are going to tell someone you like, make sure you go to a private place. Involving half the world can be disastrous.


Be direct and do not do it with intermediaries

That is, one of the worst ways is to tell everyone you like and then ask a friend to let her know. You must dare to do it yourself.


Look at him and not tell him anything

Although it is difficult to resist looking at him with love, it can be uncomfortable for that person and you will only be able to chase him away.


Do not fix yourself too much

Do not do it! That person will notice if you only concentrate on looking beautiful and glamorous to conquer it. It is not a photo session. All you need is to be yourself.


Going around the subject a lot

Trying to prolong the moment with long explanations will only make you confused. Say it in a simple way.

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